The Truth Presented || 1 John 1:1-4

The greatest deception is not that God does not exist but that the path to Him is something that we can determine for ourselves. Essentially, the World wants us to believe that God is not quite as rigid in His standards and it's old-fashioned and unenlightened to think so. Some even in Christian circles have begun to lose ground to such logic. However, this is not the logic of Scripture or the Wisdom of God. According to God's standards, no one can have true fellowship with God the Father and His church without also acknowledging His incarnate Son as the one and only way to redemption and restoration.

Join us as we begin a new study in the letters of John. We have two Adult Sunday School classes that meet at 9:30am: one meets in the Fellowship Hall and the other in the first room to the right as you walk into the Sanctuary.